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A Powerful, Easy to Use, Free File Opener for Windows
Opens over 100 different file types
With Open Freely, tasks that once required multiple applications are combined into an easy to use, powerful interface. Not only will it allow you to view, edit and print your images and documents but you may also view videos and listen to audio files.
Which file formats are supported?
Open Freely supports opening and working with over 100 different file formats including:
.wpd - Word Perfect documents
.wps - Microsoft Works documents
.doc - Microsoft Word 97-2003 documents
.docx - Microsoft Word 2007+ documents
.xls - Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
.xlsx - Microsoft Excel 2007+ spreadsheets
.pdf - Adobe PDF documents
.mp3 - MPEG 3 music files
.mp4 - MPEG 4 video files
.flv - Flash video files
.3gp - Video for 3G mobile phones
.flac - Free Lossless Audio Codec files
.ac3 - Audio Codec 3 files
.mpeg - MPEG movie files
.gif - Graphics interchange format images
.jpg - JPEG images
.psd - Adobe Photoshop document
.ico - Icon file
.bmp - Bitmap image file
.svg - Scalable vector graphics file
.png - Portable network graphic
What can Open Freely do?
Open Freely has tons of powerful features like:

Powerful Media Player

Plays audio and video files with one click.

Document Editor

Features a powerful document editor packed with spell check, printing, document formatting and more.

File Extractor

Open or create your own compressed files like .ZIP and .RAR files easily.

Advanced File Editor

Open and edit your files with the advanced hex editor for complete control over your files.

About Open Freely
Here's where you learn more:
How much does Open Freely cost?
Open Freely is a completely free download for anyone with a Windows computer.
Do you support Mac computers?
Currently, we only support Windows computers. We are looking to support Mac sometime in the future.
Can I really open over 100 different file types?
Yes! With Open Freely, don't waste your time downloading one off programs to open files. View your photos, listen to your music, watch your videos and edit your documents with one easy to use program.
How do I get started?
To get started, click one of the "Download" buttons on the page and follow the prompts to install your software.
Peter has been an Open Freely user since July 2011
"Open Freely has really simplified my life. I can do everything I need to do in one simple program. I'm really glad I found this program and use it nearly every single day. Thanks!"
Who are we? was founded in 2011 and is owned-and-operated by Blue Labs, LLC.

We are located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota and strive to deliver a high quality product which will help users open, view, edit, and print various file types on their Windows computer. Our users range from organizations to government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and even your "mom and pop" store down the street. Our software has been downloaded by millions of happy users.
Connect With Us
We are dedicated to providing top notch customer service. To contact our support team, please use the form located here.
For non-support related inquiries, please contact our corporate office:

Blue Labs, LLC
1550 Utica Ave South Suite 575
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Phone: 952-405-6208
For support, please email us: